Smartheart Rabbit Food Wildberry Flavor

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Smartheart-rabbit food wild berry flavor.

Invented and developed specifically for rabbits. Suitable for rabbits rabbits from weaning until adulthood sire and dam are nutritionally complete. Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are complete and balanced nutrition that rabbits need.And to meet the needs of the parties to the rabbit get the perfect nutrition. To the development of good growth. Healthy Coupled with the shine of the hair and beautiful skin.

Saif al-alpha grass as a source of fiber quality. Help maintain digestive system
Fructose – Oligo San polysaccharide is prebiotic’s. A good source of an intestinal microflora. Enhances the beneficial bacteria and reduce the harmful bacteria.
Yucca extract reduces the smell of manure. To maintain a healthy respiratory system. And help the environment better.
Vitamin C is an antioxidant. To help prevent and decrease stress. It also helps in the absorption of iron as well.


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